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The French Quarter

A walk through the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana opens your eyes to a culture unlike any other.

It offers an almost overwhelming first impression. The music, the people, the cuisine, and the architecture draw inspiration from across the world, and they culminate into a spectacular blend of flavor and flair. Elegance and flamboyant festivity walk hand in hand in a partnership that seems an unlikely combination, but look down the street. Take in the view of the ornate French-inspired balconies that decorate the buildings. Listen to the sounds of jazz that performers offer at every street corner. Duck into a white tableclothed restaurant that�s open late, and enjoy a bottle of wine with a homecooked Creole favorite. Talk to the locals, and ask them about their home and its history. Experience NOLA, and you�ll understand what we�re talking about.

With our French Quarter vanity, we strove to capture the elegance and flair of the city of New Orleans. It�s black and gold color combination decorates the Quarter. It�s dramatic, and like its namesake, the French Quarter vanity is a one-of-a-kind jewel that breathes soul into a room.

Kayla Smith


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